Yamaha YZF R1 Top Yoke Conversion

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Yamaha YZF R1 Top yoke Conversion kit:

Back in 2001 as part of my Streetfighter parts business I decided to add a new product to my range. These consisted of Suzuki GSXR, Honda Fireblade, Yamaha YZF, Kawasaki ZXR and Triumph Daytona superbike topyoke conversion kits imported at the time from Europe. They were originally designed for the Streetfighter and Specials builder markets to swap from race inspired clip-ons to Superbike/Motocross style handlebars. After a few years (around 2007) as the superbike riding position became even more extreme, I decided to take the plunge and invest in my own CNC milling machines to manufacture my own CNC topyoke comfort kit here in the UK.

The benefits of the “Cool n Comfy” top yoke kit became immediately obvious, helping to relieve the aching and discomfort on a riders neck, wrists, arms and lower back. Even the longest journeys are now pleasurable when all you are thinking about is the road ahead.

From talking to hundreds (if not thousands) of previous customers at many shows around the UK over the last 17 years, customers would tell me other benefits including easier slow speed manoeuvring (car parks etc) the ability to see further down the road over cars and hedges and allowing a more confidence inspiring riding position for shorter riders and new riders. These kits really do transform an uncomfortable Superbike into a very useable, multi purpose motorcycle.

All our CNC Topyokes are still manufactured in our Lancaster, UK workshop, quality is the key! I do not import any parts of my kits from overseas. Another reason why my kit is not only the best quality but also the best price.

Please check out my product range, I offer options for each of the bike models listed. Remember though if your bike isn’t listed then just contact me and maybe I can offer a kit for you from my bespoke one-off side of the business, I manufacture yokes for many Streetfighter, Specials, Café racer and Custom builders around the world.

I can also mix and match dimensions, as an example GSXR forks on a triumph Daytona with Triumph ignition switch mounting point…no problem! And no extra cost compared to one of my standard yoke kits. So what is your project?

I offer far better specification, quality and price than ANYONE, and have done for 17 years, I have manufactured thousands of CNC topyokes.

Fix the Painful Riding Position:

Do you love your Yamaha YZF R1 but find it painful on your neck, wrists and back?

Solve the problem; Fit our top yoke conversion kit.

The full kit includes the following parts:

1x Billet top yoke and riser clamps.

1x Two full length stainless steel bespoke length front brakelines.

1x Bespoke clutch cable.

1x Set ignition spacers, bolts and washers.

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YZF R1 1998-1999 will not require fairing modifications with 22mm LSL handlebars.

YZF R1 2000-2001 will require minor fairing modifications.

YZF R1 2002-2003 will require fairing modifications when using straight risers

YZF R1 2002-2003 will not require fairing modifications when using the angled riser option.

YZF R1 2004-2006 will require minor fairing and screen modifications.

YZF R1 2007-2018 will not require fairing modifications with 22mm LSL handlebars.

YZF R1 2015 onwards with ABS will most likely need an ABS line.


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