Honda VTR Firestorm HISS Top Yoke Conversion


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Very Important: Our VTR Firestorm topyoke conversion is a complete replacement top yoke in 25mm thick billet aluminium. We do not supply the thin German adapter plates as we do not like the dubious single bolt fitment or look of these imported parts.

We MAKE ALL YOKES in our Lancaster, UK workshop.

We CONTROL ALL aspects of the yoke kit manufacture and brakeline manufacture in our workshop!

We DO NOT CONTROL black anodising of the parts we make, this is a seperate company!

If you REQUIRE VERY FAST DELIVERY then choose natural alloy finish from the website options.

Black anodising will add 10 working days to the delivery time, we cannot make this process faster!

We offer far better specification, quality and prices than ANYONE, and have done for 17 years, we have manufactured thousands of yokes.

Please note: Our machine shop is incredibly noisy, we spend most of the day with ear defenders fitted so calls are often missed but texts and emails are picked up whilst we are machining.

Fix the Painful Riding Position:

Do you love your Honda VTR Firestorm HISS but find it painful on your neck, wrists and back?

Solve the problem; Fit our top yoke conversion kit.

The full kit includes the following parts:

1x Billet replacement top yoke and riser clamps.

1x Front set bespoke length HEL brakelines.

1x Bespoke length HEL Clutchline (Required for safe use)

1x Set ignition spacers, bolts and washers.

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