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CNC Top Yokes Superbike Kits have been designed to solve the problem that although modern Superbikes offer the very best in state of the art design, performance, handling and braking they do little to offer any type of rider comfort.

Superbikes are designed primarily to be ridden at 100% of their capabilities for short periods of time on race tracks, when they are used on public roads they quickly become uncomfortable and this often means the rider is not concentrating fully on the road ahead.

CNC Top Yoke Superbike Kits offer a solution to this by manufacturing what i like to call the “Comfort Kit”

I only use the best quality products and source all our raw materials, brakeline kits and handlebars from other top British manufacturers HEL Performance and Renthal.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements and check out my online catalogue for your “comfort Kit” or top yoke conversion, I can also manufacturer parts as one off’s to customer specification.